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Our Facebook could do with some love. Hopefully it will not be billy no mates for long and people will like it. I am not really into this ‘in your face’ idea of marketing , So hopefully my slow and steady approach will do the trick. Its raining here now (typical bank holiday heh? ) so I have spent the morning baking. Not shoe related I know , but I do enjoy baking a good cake, the smell is lovely wafting  from the kitchen. I shall enjoy seeing how it tastes later after it has cooled down. Have a great weekend all – wherever you are, on our little revolving ball in space.

Social Media

Its a funny old game trying to get a new brand/product out there into the big wide world. And one thing unless you are a huge manufacture/existing large brand or you have a lot of cash behind you  -is it takes time. It would really help us out though if you could all like our facebook page  and also follow us on Twitter. As one supermarket likes to say ‘ every little helps’.

I am such a chatty person in real life but do find this blogging a bit of a challenge. Some people just seem naturally good but I hope over time we can go on a bit of a journey as Shoespin brings more shoe storage ideas to the world.

I am just trying to pace everything so we introduce  new items gradually. I am also finishing writing my first novel , which I have loved every minute of it. I suppose its because i can be transported to a whole other world while I write from the characters perspective. I have mentioned shoes a few times but have tried not to get too carried away as I know some people just see them as things you wear on your feet. Whereas I love them :)